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Buyers Guide to Display Signage for National Roll Outs

display signage for national roll outs

Spring is in the air and there is movement at some state borders and promise of more to come. There are signs of growth in the Australian economy in the Australian economy. Time to implement your integrated marketing and promotions campaign state-wide and nationally.

Communicating with your audience quickly and effectively is critical and nothing does this better than physical visual presentations that are engaging and informative. 

Branded signage has the capacity to work within intimate small spaces including office foyers and individual shops through to large commercial spaces (shopping centre courtyards and thoroughfares). It can also be used in outdoor areas ranging from footpaths through to sporting arenas! 

But what needs to be considered to launch an effective national roll-out? 

National signages


The right information

Your buyer persona is already defined and messaging clearly outlined, but when you are planning a national roll-out some special considerations need to be reviewed.

  • What is the primary message you want to convey? Does this message translate for every market segment? Maybe in QLD the imagery will need to be modified, or in VIC the copy will require altering to suit the local vernacular. Elements such as these will need to be altered, while still developing strong brand connection and continuity.
  • Are the displays going to be permanent or temporary? Some campaigns may last for months, while others a matter of days or weeks. Taking into consideration the timeline of the campaign, messaging will need to align. Long campaigns will also have to cogitate about the durability of their desired display systems, to ensure the messaging looks professional even towards the end of the campaign lifecycle.

Signage destination


Signage destination

Display purchases for national roll-outs typically include more than one type of display solution. Therefore, consideration needs to be made for the features of each solution and how they will be used and add value to your campaign.

  • Will the displays be indoors or outdoors? Not all display systems are created equal, some are built to handle the elements, while others will not survive a day in the sun, wind or rain. Thoughtful consideration about the space available at each location for the national roll-out will help to select the most appropriate solution. Learn about the difference between indoor and outdoor displays.
  • Where will the signage be viewed from? Each location will likely have different location spaces and therefore all signage solutions will not be seen from the same angle, distance or height, affecting legibility. Various graphics may have to be created for effective messaging in each location.
  • How are the display solutions being installed? The installation process is often overlooked at the national roll-out level. Once the message has been formed, displays chosen and delivered to each venue, what happens next? Each destination will need to have a designated team member who is capable and informed about the installation of each display item (including display location, assembly and disassembly). 

Integrating portable display signage into your marketing campaign has never been easier.

So which displays are right for your national brand roll-out? 

The Exhibit Central range has been carefully curated to offer clients the highest quality range of display systems. This ensures that your brand can be confident your national campaign is delivered to the highest standard and reflects your brand expertise.

Contacts us now to discuss your national roll-out needs.




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