Portable SEG lightbox display and signage counter

Lumi lightbox display – Counter

The versatile solution – From pop-up booths to retail spaces, the Lumi SEG lightbox adapts to your needs. Create a single lightbox display counter to showcase your brand.

Lumi counter solution

Make your message or branding impossible to miss!

The future of illuminated display is here. Using modern technology and seamless edge-to-edge design, presents a new perspective for marketers and exhibitors. 

Effective illumination to make an impact

Sleek, edge-to-edge, illuminated lightbox display light up your brand with style and impact. Stand out from the crowd and make your message unforgettable.

Easy to build & tool-less installation

Snap and lock! Our sturdy, easy connect lightbox display lets you link frames in a flash, no tools needed. Build a slick, seamless lightbox frame hassle-free

Re-usable & portable anywhere

Versatile exhibition stands for various events, easily configured, and reusable. Changeable silicon-edged fabric graphics make them adaptable for numerous campaigns, offering flexibility and convenience.

Our customers

Brands displaying with our solutions​

Explore endless possibilities

Make display setup a breeze. No tools and plug and play

Say goodbye to assembly hassles. Lumi lightbox displays are portable and modular. Focus on your message, not setup. We make light boxes easy for everyone. 

Transform fabric in seconds

Our interchangeable fabric artworks let you swap display images effortlessly. Order a new one, slot it in, and display. No tools, no mess, just endless possibilities. 

Built to last, Made to move

Lightweight and collapsible design makes transport a breeze. Smooth-rolling wheels let you glide through airports and beyond. 

LED module

Integrated LED backlighting ensures consistent, vibrant graphics



Osram 3W​

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