Vista Series

Outdoor Signage Solutions

Outdoor displays and signage offer unique challenges.

Our range of high quality outdoor solutions, have been tried and tested to withstand the elements, so you can confidently take our brand into nature.

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LED Roll-up Banner

Compact Fabric Light Box

Throw out all your standard pull-up banners, a new and improved solution has arrived. 

Our Compact Fabric Light Box is a premium replacement of a standard pull up banner with backlit visuals for maximum impact.

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Signal Series

Economy Tube

Make a big impact for less with our range of Economy Tube media walls and banners.

The fabric displays ensure your brand is portrayed in the best light and offer tool-free assembly allowing for quick agile assembly using tension fabric tube framing.

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Signal Series

Angled Fabric Displays

Stand out from the crowd with something a little different.

The angled top of the fabric displays draw attention to your messaging and provides a point of difference amongst competitors standard displays. 

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About Us

Creation of Exhibit Central

Expo Centric is a premium exhibition, event and retail designer and builder established in 2009.

Our clients often also needed standalone display solutions or wanted smaller modular segments of their stand they could re-use again and again. They struggled to find high quality portable displays that would work with and reflect the quality of their existing stand elements… Exhibit Central was the solution.

Our Mission

The Exhibit Central Mission

Our mission is to be the place to go to source bespoke display solutions for national rolls outs and bulk display needs. We aim to be the most convenient and easy to use online destination for Australian Companies with large scale display needs. Offering high quality products and holistic display solutions for brands across Australia. 

Exhibit Central Story

Brand Story

Display systems are always the first and cheapest option to build your marketing arsenal. But standard display systems don’t meet the needs for capturing the attention of highly targeted audiences and don’t allow for integration into previously purchased display systems.
Exhibit Central has entered the Australian market a superior solution to your display problems. We offer premium display products that draw your audience’s attention through innovate design, but most of our product range is modular, allowing users to integrate their products into larger displays crating a seamless professional look.

Our Experience & Achievements

Our Experience & Achievements

We have been in the events and exhibition space for over a decade. We have built up a team of talented and skilled staff who know their stuff when it comes to corporate branding and display solutions.

We have won multiple international design awards for custom built displays and have helped over 500 brands achieve marketing success.