The initial pre-launch sale is an exclusive offer which will not be repeated, or price honoured in any future sales. If you are purchasing as a part of this exclusive offer you are subject to exclusive shipping terms which are not outlined within these conditions.

All our products have various shipping times which can be found under the description of the products on the website.

Dispatch from Exhibit Central will be based on all the following criteria:

(a) Full payment is received

(b) Any artwork requirements have been approved by the client via the Exhibit Central Artwork Proof document

Standard dispatch times will not begin calculating until the business day after both criteria (a) and (b) are received. If your order does not contain artwork criteria (b) will not be applicable to you and the dispatch will begin calculating from the business day after the full payment is received by Exhibit Central.   

Exhibit Central does not guarantee delivery times after it has been dispatched. The information listed on the products is only a guide and can vary based on the carrier and their capacities. We will always aim to meet specific deadlines, delivery schedules and times but Exhibit Central cannot guarantee these deadlines will be met.

Orders which contain multiple different products may receive these products at different times, in different shipments and through different carriers.

In any situation where the customer may provide incorrect shipping details, the additional redirection or re-delivery fees will be passed onto the customer. To avoid these charges please ensure you check the delivery address is correct and provide delivery details for the drivers to reference where necessary.

Some common examples which may incur additional charges include but are not limited to the following examples.

  • Not listing limited operating times (including COVID-19 operation times)
  • Business name for delivery is different to the business name listed on the delivery address – just include the physical business name in the notes of the order if this is the case
  • Unusual operating terms (business under construction)
  • If business is unattended, please ring doorbell as I reside upstairs

These notes should be used to aid the delivery driver in making the delivery in the most efficient manner. These are not to be used to have delivery drivers exceed their standard services. Exhibit Central holds all discretion to determine if the notes are reasonable or if they will incur the additional delivery fees associated.