Lumi SEG lightbox

Simple, intuitive and flexible building kit, with maximum impact.

Lumi SEG Lightbox provides an attractive and professional brand presence with an innovative modular design, infused with back-lit graphics for maximum impact.

With the end user in mind, our Lumi range focuses on ease of use, mobility, modularity and doesn’t require tools or technical skills for assembly and disassembly, making it superior to other light boxes available on the market.

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Illuminated display solution that makes an impression

The future of illuminated display is here. Using modern technology and seamless edge-to-edge design, presents a new perspective for marketers and exhibitors. The integrated back light design effectively elevates the message and enhances impact, adding significant value compared to conventional banner systems.    

  • LED lifespan: 10000+ hours
  • Output power: 3W
  • Colour temp: 6500K
  • Frame material: Heavy duty PVC
  • Artwork material: SEG fabric 
  • Print method: Dye sublimation

Quick and easy to build 

No tools are required when assembling. The lightbox frames effortlessly slots together in a matter of minutes, and can be used with other lightboxes to create a larger display presence. 


Maximum impact

product feature

Seamless edge-to-edge, illuminated  fabric lightbox provides an attractive and professional brand presence, maximising brand message and impact.



product feature

Lightweight and easy to transport, the lightbox neatly packs down into a travel friendly wheeled bag. It can easily fit into the boot of a car saving plenty of shipping & setup costs.



product feature

Reuse our lightboxes used in a multitude of different ways, for countless events and campaigns with interchangeable silicon edged fabric graphics.


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Lumi LED illumination

Our high quality and strong performing 3W LED modules are supplied by OSRAM to achieve maximum impact and superior lighting to illuminate the graphics. 

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Quick change fabric

All our graphics are professionally printed on high quality, light weight fabric using an environmentally-friendly dye sublimation printing process.

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Easy connect frames

The durable and sturdy easy connect frames allows you to connect the individual frames together seamlessly with a clever tool-free, push-lock system.

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Easy connect accessories

Connect multiple lightbox frames together with the easy connection accessories, with-out any tools.


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