TSXPO 2024

  • Industry: Recruitment
  • Location: RICC, QLD
  • Date: 13th - 14th July, 2024

Exhibit at the 43rd TSXPO 2024, Australia’s premier tertiary studies and careers expo, where you’ll have the chance to engage with enthusiastic students, parents and career changers eager to explore their future opportunities.

Exhibitors and sponsors will be able to showcase their institution or organisation to a diverse and motivated audience, highlighting their programs, courses and career paths.  


TSXPO offers a vibrant platform to elevate your brand, generate leads and forge meaningful connections with potential applicants. Take this unparalleled opportunity to be at the forefront of education and career development, making a lasting impact on the next generation. 


Benefits of Exhibiting 


For Educational Institutions: 


Targeted Student Engagement: TSXPO attracts students actively seeking higher education options. Institutions can engage directly with them, providing details about programs, campus life and admission processes. 


Showcase Academic Excellence: Institutions can highlight their unique programs, faculty expertise, research opportunities, and academic achievements. 


For Employers: 


Talent Pipeline Development: Employers can connect with students exploring career paths as well as individual jobseekers, identifying potential future employees early. 


Industry Awareness and Engagement: Engaging with students and educators at TSXPO allows employers to raise awareness about their industry, its career prospects and the required skills. 


For Service Providers: 


Educational and Career Services Promotion: Providers of tutoring, test preparation and career counseling can reach a targeted audience actively seeking these services. 


Highlighting Technological Innovations: Companies offering educational technology solutions, such as e-learning platforms, can demonstrate their products’ capabilities directly to users and decision-makers in the education sector. 


View the exhibitor list and floor plan to see all the brands and companies participating in the event. 


Companies interested in exhibiting can contact the organisers for further information. 

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