GPCE 2024 (Perth)

  • Industry: Medical
  • Location: PCEC, WA
  • Date: 20th - 21st July, 2024

After a successful show in Sydney this year, the General Practice Conference & Exhibition (GPCE) is returning to Perth for another exciting installment. Exhibitors can highlight innovations and solutions that are particularly relevant to the Western Australian context, such as telemedicine services that bridge the distance between rural patients and urban healthcare providers.

For new entrants or less established brands in the region, GPCE Perth provides an excellent opportunity to enhance brand visibility and market presence among Western Australian healthcare professionals. Exhibiting at GPCE Perth demonstrates a commitment to supporting and improving local healthcare, which can resonate well with attendees and build brand loyalty. 


Benefits of Exhibiting 


For Medical Device and Equipment Manufacturers: 


Direct Feedback from Practitioners: GPCE attracts many GPs and primary care providers, offering exhibitors the chance to gather direct feedback on their products. 


Demonstrate Innovations: Manufacturers can showcase cutting-edge technologies and innovations in real-time, allowing visitors to see firsthand how these devices can enhance their practice and patient care. 


For Pharmaceutical Companies: 


Education on New Treatments: Pharmaceutical companies can use the GPCE platform to educate GPs about new medications and treatment protocols, helping to increase awareness and adoption of new therapies. 


For Health IT and Software Providers: 


Live Demonstrations and Hands-On Experience: Exhibitors can offer live demonstrations and hands-on experiences with their software and help GPs understand the practical benefits and ease of use in a clinical setting. 


For Healthcare Service Providers: 


Networking with Primary Care Providers: Healthcare service providers, such as diagnostic labs, telemedicine platforms and wellness programs, can network with GPs to discuss collaboration opportunities, referral processes and integrated care models. 


For Continuing Medical Education (CME) Providers: 


Promoting Educational Programs: CME providers can showcase their educational programs, workshops and online courses designed to help GPs stay current with medical advancements, new treatment guidelines and best practices. 


Check the exhibitor directory to see all the participating brands and companies.

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