30th VNCA Conference

  • Industry: Trade ShowsVeterinary
  • Location: ACC, SA
  • Date: 17th - 19th April, 2024

The 30th VNCA Conference promises a vibrant celebration of veterinary nursing excellence, bringing together veterinary professionals, educators, and industry partners from across Australia and beyond. Prepare to learn from the best, connect with colleagues, and discover the latest advancements in animal care at the Adelaide Convention Centre (ACC) from April 17 to 19, 2024.

What to expect:  

  • Rich Exhibitor Showcase: Explore a comprehensive display of the latest equipment, resources, and services for veterinary nurses, featuring 200+ leading exhibitors from across the animal care industry. Discover innovative products, network with potential suppliers, and stay ahead of the curve in your practice. 
  • 3,000+ Attendees: Connect with fellow veterinary nurses, specialists, educators, and industry leaders. Share best practices, forge lasting connections, and build a supportive community of professionals. 
  • 100+ Educational Sessions: Immerse yourself in a diverse range of learning opportunities, including: 
  • Keynote presentations: Gain insights from renowned experts on cutting-edge topics in veterinary nursing. 
  • Interactive workshops: Hone your skills and expertise through hands-on sessions on various clinical procedures and techniques. 
  • Panel discussions and case studies: Engage in interactive discussions and learn from real-world experiences. 
  • Concurrent sessions: Tailor your learning experience to your specific interests with a diverse range of topics covered. 
  • Pre-Conference Masterclasses: Deepen your knowledge with an optional day of intensive workshops on specialised areas like anaesthesia, pain management, and emergency nursing. 
  • Dedicated Networking Opportunities: Build valuable connections with colleagues, potential employers, and industry partners through designated networking events, social gatherings, and casual meet-and-greets. 
  • Celebration of Excellence: Join the awards ceremony and celebrate the achievements of outstanding veterinary nurses who have made significant contributions to the field. 


Who should attend? 

  • Veterinary nurses of all levels and specialties. 
  • Veterinary students and recent graduates seeking career guidance and professional development. 
  • Veterinary practice managers and owners looking for innovative solutions and resources. 
  • Industry professionals involved in animal care products, services, and education. 
  • Anyone passionate about animal welfare and the vital role of veterinary nurses in animal health. 


Parking and Transportation: 

Convenient parking options are available at the ACC. Pre-booking is recommended. Public transportation options are also readily accessible. 


What attendees can expect to gain: 

  • Discover the latest advancements in veterinary nursing: Stay informed about cutting-edge technologies, best practices, and emerging trends in animal care. 
  • Enhance your knowledge and skills: Refine your technical expertise, learn new procedures, and gain valuable insights to improve patient care in your practice. 
  • Network and build lasting connections: Forge relationships with colleagues, industry leaders, and potential employers, expanding your professional network and opening doors to new opportunities. 
  • Get inspired and motivated: Ignite your passion for veterinary nursing, celebrate the achievements of your peers, and return to your work with renewed enthusiasm and dedication. 
  • Leave feeling empowered and equipped: Gain the confidence and knowledge to tackle any challenge, provide exceptional care for your patients, and contribute to the advancement of the veterinary nursing profession

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