MICE 2024

  • Industry: Food & Beverages
  • Location: MCEC, VIC
  • Date: 12th - 14th May, 2024

Coffee-dedicated expo is brewing in Melbourne, gathering coffee enthusiasts, industry professionals and curious visitors alike to indulge in a sensory journey through the global coffee landscape.

Exhibitors get to showcase their roasting technology, specialty beans and cutting-edge technology, all for visitors to see, taste and explore. It’s a promising platform for inspiring and educating people in a shared passion for a beloved beverage.  


What’s in Store? 

  • Over 15,000 coffee enthusiasts expected to attend 
  • Cafe Owners Education Series 
  • Top industry innovators to be recognised at the Australia’s Favorite Coffee Awards and the Product Innovation Awards 
  • Panel discussions and breakfast at the GCR Down Under Leadership Symposium 
  • Baristas get to compete and present their talents at Australia’s Richest Barista  


For Whom Is This Event? 

  • Coffee professionals 
  • Hospitality, food and beverage industry professionals 
  • Coffee retailers and distributors 
  • Consultants, researchers and marketers 
  • Coffee enthusiasts and consumers 
  • Aspiring baristas, coffee business owners and food content creators 
  • Anyone who loves and drinks coffee 


Benefits of Exhibiting 

  • Global Exposure: MICE 2024 is an international coffee expo; which means that many brand representatives, experts and other visitors from across the globe are participants. This can open doors to new markets and diversify your customer base.  
  • Curated Networking: Convert casual visitors into loyal advocates by sharing your passion for coffee. This is not simply a gathering; this is where serendipitous encounters can lead to groundbreaking partnerships. 
  • Immersive Brand Storytelling: Coffee is a very interesting and stimulating interest. Leave a lasting impression on your audience by creating interactive booths, offering taste tests and conducting live brewing demonstrations. 
  • Sensory Engagement and Experience: Coffee is a sensory product, allowing all five senses to be engaged. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the tactile feel of coffee beans and the sound that coffee machines make all have the potential to let visitors forge an emotional connection with your brand. 


Who Should Exhibit? 

Professionals offering solutions and products in the following fields would benefit from showcasing their expertise at the event:  

  • Coffee roasters who wish to showcase their specialty beans, blends and techniques 
  • Manufacturers of coffee equipment such as espresso machines, grinders and brewers 
  • Coffee growers, importers, suppliers and distributors 
  • Coffee shop and café owners 
  • Representatives from beverage companies 
  • Artisans and crafters who create handmade coffee accessories 
  • Developers of business software relevant to coffee businesses such as POS systems, apps, inventory management systems and more 
  • Educational institutions and training centres offering barista certification courses and workshops on techniques such as brewing, roasting and latte art 
  • Non-profit organisations and advocacy groups focused on farmer welfare, coffee sustainability and fair trade practices

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