Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival 2023

  • Industry: Industrial Engineering Trade Show
  • Location: Dorrigo Showground, New South Wales
  • Date: 27th - 29th October, 2023

Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival: 3-day acoustic music extravaganza, Dorrigo, NSW, Australia. 10,000+ visitors. Varied lineup, workshops, dance, food, family fun. A musical experience for all ages and interests. Don't miss it in October!

The Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival is a three-day festival of acoustic music held in Dorrigo, New South Wales, Australia. It is one of the longest-running and most popular folk and bluegrass festivals in Australia, attracting over 10,000 visitors each year. 


The festival is held on the last full weekend of October each year and features a wide range of artists from Australia and around the world. The lineup typically includes a mix of established and emerging artists, as well as a variety of genres, including folk, bluegrass, blues, country, and roots. 


In addition to the music, the festival also features a variety of other activities, including workshops, dance classes, and children’s entertainment. There is also a food and market stall village where visitors can purchase food, drinks, and souvenirs. 


The Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival is a great event for people of all ages and musical interests. It is a great opportunity to see some of the best folk and bluegrass musicians in the world, to learn about different musical genres, and to have a lot of fun. 


Here are some of the things you can expect to see and do at the Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival 2023: 


  • See live performances by a wide range of folk and bluegrass musicians from Australia and around the world 
  • Attend workshops and dance classes 
  • Visit the food and market stall village 
  • Enjoy a variety of children’s entertainment 
  • Camp on-site or stay in a nearby accommodation provider 

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