Australasian Exploration Geoscience Conference 2024 (AEGC)

  • Industry: Geoscience
  • Location: BCEC, QLD
  • Date: 13th - 18th March, 2024

The Australasian Exploration Geoscience Conference (AEGC) 2024 is the premier event for professionals, researchers, and industry leaders in geoscience exploration. Set against the backdrop of Brisbane, Australia, this conference offers a platform for collaboration, innovation, and knowledge exchange in exploration geoscience across Australasia and beyond.

Key Highlights: 

  • Comprehensive Program: AEGC 2024 features a robust program encompassing keynote presentations, technical sessions, panel discussions, and networking opportunities, providing attendees with insights into the latest trends, technologies, and challenges in geoscience exploration. 
  • Exhibition: Explore a diverse range of exhibitors showcasing cutting-edge innovations, technologies, and services in geoscience exploration. From geological mapping tools to remote sensing technologies, the exhibition floor offers ample opportunities for engagement and collaboration. 
  • Attendee Diversity: Anticipate a diverse gathering of professionals from various sectors, including mining, oil and gas, academia, government agencies, and consulting firms. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or an emerging talent, AEGC 2024 provides a platform for networking, learning, and career advancement. 
  • Parking Facilities: Convenient parking arrangements ensure easy access for attendees. The BCEC offers onsite parking options and nearby parking structures, ensuring hassle-free transportation to and from the conference venue. 
  • Exhibitors: A diverse lineup of exhibitors showcasing the latest innovations and services. 
  • Attendees: Anticipate many delegates from across the geoscience community, fostering collaboration and idea exchange. 
  • Parking: Ample parking facilities available at the BCEC, providing convenient access for conference participants. 

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