15th International Congress on Mathematical Education

  • Industry: Colleges And Universities
  • Location: ICC Sydney, NSW
  • Date: 7th - 14th July, 2024

In today’s technology-driven world, it’s crucial to highlight the importance of math education in developing problem-solving skills and logical thinking—and that’s precisely what exhibitors can do at the 15th International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME-15), the largest global conference on mathematics held every leap year since 1969.

Event Highlights  


  • Informative and provocative talks from established and emerging thought leaders 
  • Survey team reports of “hot topics” in the industry 
  • National presentations on the achievements and challenges in mathematics education 
  • 54 topic study groups formatted like mini conferences 
  • Discussion groups and interactive workshops facilitated by ICME-15 delegates 
  • Early Career Research Program to provide networking opportunities 


This event offers a unique platform for learning, networking and collaboration and is open to anyone interested in mathematics education. That includes mathematicians, researchers, educators at all levels, curriculum developers, and resource producers. 


Anyone who wishes to attend must register online. 


Why Exhibit? 


Inspiration and Learning 

Gain new insights, learn about innovative teaching methods and stay updated on trends in math education. 


Audience Engagement 

Interact directly with teachers, students, and parents who attend the expo and showcase your products, services or educational materials to a targeted audience. 


Resource Sharing 

Share educational resources, lesson plans and teaching tools with other exhibitors to enhance math education materials. 


Recruitment Opportunities 

Attract potential employees, interns or volunteers interested in math education. 


Who Should Exhibit? 


Professionals offering solutions and products in the following fields would benefit from showcasing their expertise at the event: 


  • Publishers of educational materials 
  • Technology companies offering math-related software and tools 
  • Mathematics educational institutions showcasing their programs 
  • Professional organisations promoting development opportunities for math educators 


View the list of participating exhibitors.

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