• Industry: Eye Health
  • Location: The Hordern Pavilion, NSW
  • Date: 17th - 18th May, 2024

The eyes are the windows to the world; protecting them means safeguarding your vision of the future. Organised by the Optical Distributors & Manufacturers Association of Australia, O-SHOW24 is making a comeback after a successful run in 2022, gearing up to reshape the way we look, feel and learn.

Exhibitors at O-SHOW24 have the perfect stage to unveil their latest eyewear collections, revolutionary eyecare technologies and breakthrough optical health solutions. Captivate attendees with interactive displays, captivating demonstrations and informative sessions that highlight your brand’s commitment to excellence. 


What’s in Store? 

  • Boutique-style expo showcasing the latest in lenses, frames and other eyewear equipment 
  • Golden Ticket lucky draw for visitors 
  • Educational sessions for pre-registered attendees 
  • Equipment demonstrations featuring various leading eyewear and optical health companies 
  • Funds from the event go to scholarships, charities and initiatives for eye health education 


For Whom Is This Event? 

  • Optometry and ophthalmology professionals 
  • Optical store owners and staff 
  • Students and educators in the eye health field 
  • Consumers interested in eyewear 
  • Fashion enthusiasts 


Benefits of Exhibiting 

  • Boutique-Style Expo: A curated expo like this focuses on a niche interest and offers an intimate space for a more personalised and immersive experience.  
  • Charity: The funds garnered from exhibitors at the event will be used to support scholarships and educational materials to independent practices. 
  • Blends Science and Style: This event celebrates both the experts behind the scientific innovations of eyecare and the people who make it accessible to consumers. Exhibitors can reach various markets by showcasing their offerings here. 


Who Should Exhibit? 

  • Eyewear brands 
  • Eyewear accessories suppliers 
  • Lens manufacturers 
  • Optical equipment providers 
  • Optical health service providers 
  • Publishers of optical health journals 
  • Educational and training providers 


Client Spotlight 

Spotted among the O-SHOW24 exhibitors is ProVision, a leading Australian network of independent optometrists and provider of support services such as business development, marketing, training and more. 


They used our LUMI lightboxes to create a stunning display and showcase their brand, drawing attendees with their vibrant visuals and crisp, illuminated presentation. ProVision’s choice to go with Exhibit Central’s portable and sturdy lightboxes exemplifies their commitment to excellence in eyecare and optical health. 

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