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Trade Shows

Trade Shows

Australian Vision Convention 2024

What to expect:  300+ exhibitors: Discover the latest advancements in optometry equipment, software, lens technologies, pharmaceuticals, and practice management solutions from leading industry players.  7,000+ attendees: Connect with a diverse community of optometrists, ophthalmologists, opticians, practice managers, students, and industry representatives from across Australia and beyond.  50+ educational sessions: Gain

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What to expect:   200+ exhibitors: Explore cutting-edge technologies, medical devices, and innovative solutions from leading healthcare providers and industry players showcasing the future of critical care.  3,000+ attendees: Network with a diverse community of critical care specialists from across Australia, New Zealand, and the Asia-Pacific region, fostering valuable collaborations and

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Transport and Automotive

Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo (AAAE)

What to expect:  400+ leading brands: Discover the latest innovations from across the automotive spectrum, with exhibitors showcasing tools, equipment, parts, accessories, technology, and services for every aspect of vehicle repair, maintenance, and customization.  9,000+ expected attendees: Network with a diverse community of workshop owners, mechanics, technicians, retailers, distributors, industry

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Transport and Automotive

Collision Repair Expo

What to Expect:  1,000+ exhibitors: Explore a comprehensive showcase of everything you need to stay ahead of the curve, from top-of-the-line equipment and tools to advanced repair techniques and innovative products.  10,000+ attendees: Network with fellow repair professionals, industry leaders, and potential partners from across Australia and beyond, forging valuable

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The National Diesel Dirt & Turf Expo

What to expect:  450+ exhibitors: Explore a comprehensive display of heavy machinery, equipment, tools, parts, and services from leading manufacturers, distributors, and innovators across the diesel, dirt, and turf sectors.  15,000+ attendees: Network with fellow industry professionals, equipment operators, landscapers, contractors, farmers, and enthusiasts from across Australia and beyond, forging

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Health & Fitness

Fitness Expo

What to expect:  350+ exhibitors: Discover everything you need to reach your fitness goals, from cutting-edge gym equipment and apparel to nutritional products, fitness programs, and personalised coaching services.  7,000+ attendees: Connect with fellow fitness enthusiasts, seasoned athletes, personal trainers, and industry experts from across Australia and beyond, sharing experiences

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Retail Fest

What to expect:  500+ exhibitors: Explore the latest trends, technologies, and products across all retail sectors, from fashion and apparel to homeware, electronics, and beauty. Discover innovative brands, connect with potential suppliers, and find unique solutions to elevate your retail game.  10,000+ attendees: Network with fellow retailers, industry leaders, marketing

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Australian Manufacturing Week Sydney 2024

What to expect:  500+ leading exhibitors: Explore the latest advancements across all facets of manufacturing, from machine tools and robotics to automation, additive manufacturing, and sustainable solutions. Discover innovative technologies, network with potential suppliers, and find the perfect tools to propel your business forward.  15,000+ expected attendees: Connect with fellow

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Trade Shows

30th VNCA Conference

What to expect:   Rich Exhibitor Showcase: Explore a comprehensive display of the latest equipment, resources, and services for veterinary nurses, featuring 200+ leading exhibitors from across the animal care industry. Discover innovative products, network with potential suppliers, and stay ahead of the curve in your practice.  3,000+ Attendees: Connect with

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