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Lumi SEG Light Box Package 4 - 3 x 3m




The Lumi Series SEG Light Box displays provide a streamlined and professional brand presence with innovative modular design, infused with backlit visuals for maximum impact.

The light box combines the power of advanced technology with high-quality components, making it superior to other light boxes on the market.

Your graphics are printed in high quality using an environmentally friendly dye sublimation printing process. The units provide superior design flexibility with alternate prints to be interchanged quickly and easily.

Easy plug and play installation in less than 4 minutes! The SEG Light Box offers tool-free assembly using a push-lock design and is constructed using high-grade plastic (instead of aluminium).

Our range of Lumi Series SEG Light Boxes are modular, allowing them to be reconfigured to incorporate them seamlessly into larger exhibition builds or displays. They won’t look like an add-on; they look like they were custom made to fit your space!

How do I connect the mains power to the lightbox?

There is a hole at the bottom left and right corners of the lightbox through which the DC power plug can be fed through. Simply insert the DC power plug into the power port located next to the hole and switch on the mains power to turn on your lightbox.

How do I disassemble the lightbox?

Hold down the two buttons located at the end of the frame section, whilst holding them down slide the frame out. Repeat for each component until the lightbox is fully disassembled. Ensure every DC power plug has been disconnected from the power ports before starting pack-down.

I have assembled my counter and the fabric is loose?

Ensure the silicone edge is not overstretched when installing the fabric or you will end up with extra fabric that will not press on.

If your fabric has been installed correctly and it is still loose, please contact our support team on support@exhibitcentral.com.au.

How do I get wrinkles out of my fabric display?

You can easily and quickly remove wrinkles by using a standard fabric steamer. Alternatively, use an iron on low heat settings with an ironing cloth for added protection. You will also find that once the fabric is stretched over the counter for a period of time, creases start to disappear without the need for ironing.

The support poles for my lightbox came in various lengths, did I receive the right parts?

Yes this is correct, the horizontal support poles are shorter than the vertical support poles. Make sure that you have assembled the fabric wall correctly in accordance with our assembly guide and that:

  • All poles have been inserted into the correct pole (with the same symbol/number)

  • All poles have been clicked into the next pole correctly

The turnaround time for this product is within 14 business days after receipt of payment and artwork proof approval. 

Artwork must be submitted and artwork proof approved for the printing production to begin.

Delays in your artwork approval & submission will result in delays in delivery. 

Please see our artwork requirements before submitting your files. If you have any question, please contact us on support@exhibitcentral.com.au. 

File Format

Our preferred method of file submission is High Quality Print PDF. We recommend exporting files using the "High Quality Printing" setting. Before exporting your file as a PDF, convert all text to ‘outlines’ and embed all images. Include a screen shot or .jpg proof for content verification.

If you are not able to generate a "High Quality Print" PDF, we also accept the following software generated file formats.

  • Illustrator. AI Convert text to outlines, include all linked images
  • InDesign files are not recommended for large format printing. We only except "High Quality Printing" PDF's generated from these software programs


The best printing results are achieved when the resolution of the images are between 150-300DPI at final print size (full size). Images submitted at higher than 300 DPI will create larger file sizes without any visible gain in print quality.


All colours must be defined in CMYK. If converted from RGB to CMYK significant colour changes can occur, please proof your colours prior to submission. Pantone Spot Colours may be requested, but exact colour matches are not always possible. Reference printouts will be considered for layout only, not as actual colour reference. If a colour layout cannot be sent, include a .jpg, .pdf (screen optimized) or screen shot file, with the file name as "PROOF". 

File Submission

All files to be submitted via our Artwork Upload page (max file size is 20MB) or via Google Drive/Dropbox link.

Please submit/upload your artwork along with your order number in our Artwork Upload page (max file size is 20MB) or if the file exceeds max upload size, please send us the WeTransfer/Google Drive/Dropbox link of you artwork with the order number and name via our email Support@exhibitcentral.com.au.


We will provide you with an artwork approval document for your approval. Customers are to confirm all artwork dimensions, spelling, images & information prior to approving. Once the proof has been accepted and signed by the client, ExhibitCentral does not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions in relation to the proof, nor shall ExhibitCentral be liable for any damages or loss as a result of those errors or omissions after the original proof has been approved by the client.

Delays in your artwork approval will result in delays for the expected delivery time. 

Turnaround Time

The turnaround time for most products is within 14 business days after receipt of payment and artwork proof approval. Artwork must be submitted and artwork proof approved for the printing production to begin.

Delays in your artwork approval will result in delays for the expected delivery time. 

Use the form below to upload and submit your artwork.


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