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Lumi SEG lightbox exhibition stand – 6x2m – Tempe

From $5,060.00 Inc. GST

  • Australian owned
    Based in Sydney, NSW
  • $19.95 flat-rate
  • Lifetime warranty
    on hardware

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An innovative, flexible, and portable exhibit2ion display solution pre-configured for a 6x2m floor space.

If you are looking to make an impact at your next physical marketing event and need convenience combined with high quality, our illuminated exhibition stand is perfect for you. Take the risk out of purchasing event structures.

Our Lumi SEG lightbox exhibition stand package offers an affordable, durable, temporary DIY marketing solution you can take anywhere. It is easy to assemble, lightweight and reusable. A complete tool-less plug-and-play system that’s designed to be simple, interchangeable, and easily transported with its included travel bag.

A solution that makes your brand/message stand out at exhibitions, trade shows, pop-up events, and even in retail shops or venues – essentially everywhere!

It’s the perfect addition to your marketing kit.


  • Simple – A DIY multi-component system that is quick to install, intuitive, and tool-free.
  • Illuminated – Bright LED modules on top and bottom of the frame to evenly illuminate graphics.
  • Portable – Flat-pack travel bags equipped with protective inserts for safe, space-saving storage. Durable wheels allow for easy transportation anywhere.
  • Reusable – Fabrics are professionally printed and be easily interchanged. Order new fabric skins with us and interchange artworks in a matter of seconds.
  • Configurable – Light boxes can be used as standalone units or combined. Create a unique branded space or exhibition stand!
  • Durable – designed and produced using high-quality PVC, which also helps keep it lightweight. When constructed, the frames are capable of holding up to 50kg.
  • Flexible – Can be used separately at different events, or re-shuffled around the stand floor for a different look and feel.

Print Options
Each fabric pre-packaged in a sleeve:

  • Single-sided print:
    • 1 x printed back-lit fabric skin and 1 x blank white block-out fabric skin
  • Double-sided print:
    • 2 x printed back-lit fabric skin and 1 x blank white block-out fabric skin (spare block-out allows for versatile single-sided use)
Industry Package

Exhibition, Exhibition Shell Scheme

Package Size


Package Design


What is a SEG fabric lightbox?

A commonly used display solution that has silicone strips sewn onto the edge of the printed or non-printed fabrics. This is fabric is attached to the edge of the illuminated (back-lit) lightbox frame.

How does the lightbox lights work?

The OSRAM 3watt LED lighting is embedded into the framework to protect and simplify assembly. To prevent any hot spot showing on the graphics, the LED is evenly spread and diffused. SAA certified power source.

Does the lightbox need to be mains powered?

Yes, these lightboxes need to be plugged into as 240v 10amp mains to illuminate. However, it can also be used unpowered if desired.

Can you join the lightbox together to make a larger display?

Yes, our clever system design offers the ability to connect individual lightbox frames together using the Lumi SEG lightbox accessories. The joined frames creates a larger and coherent area to effectively display your brand message and make an impact at your marketing event.

I want to build a stand with Lumi lightboxes, where do I start?

You can start by taking a look at our package solutions page, or alternatively feel free to send us an email and a member of our team will be able to provide tailored suggestions. Our Lumi range is an excellent modular system and you can create incredible stands from using just 2-3 Lumi light boxes.

What’s on the reverse / back of the lightbox?

If you choose the ‘single sided’ option, your artwork design will be applied to the front, and a plain white blackout fabric that reflects the light back into the box is applied to the back. If you choose the ‘double sided’ option, your artwork design will be applied to both the front and back.




Artwork Template

Instruction Manual


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