Can I order a replacement graphic for my existing pull up banner stand?

We do not replace the printed banners on existing pull up banner stands, we only supply new complete units. 

The reasons for this are:

  • The labour cost involved in removing the old banner and installing a new banner into the existing stand is expensive.

  • There is a risk of damaging the existing banner stand when trying to change over the banners.

  • Our low cost for a complete new unit makes it a better option than replacing banners on an existing stand.

Can I use the pull up banner stand outdoors?

The pull up banner stand is designed for indoor use. Whilst we do not recommend using them outdoors as they may be blown over in windy conditions, they do have good stability and the satin polyester printed banner is water resistant.

What are the packed weight and dimensions of the pull up banner stand?

850mm (W) Packed weight: 4.5kgs

1200mm (W) Packed weight: 6.4 kgs 

850mm (W) Packed size: 930 x 190 x 100  

1200mm (W) Packed size: 1290 x 210 x 100

Does the pull up banner stand come with support poles to ensure it stands up straight/doesn’t sag?

Yes, the 850mm wide Pull Up Banner comes with 1 pole to support it from behind. The 1200mm wide Pull Up Banner comes with 2 poles to support it from behind due to the extra width.