Does the fabric wall come with feet?

Our straight fabric wall will come with feet and our curved fabric wall will come without feet. The curved shape allows the wall to be stable without the need to add feet, but the straight wall requires the feet to ensure the wall stays straight and upright.

How do you install the fabric graphic to the tube frame?

Once you have set up the frame, simply slide the banner over the top of the frame and pull it down until it reaches the bottom of the frame. We recommend that 2 people attach the banner as it needs to be stretched and to be pulled down evenly on both sides.

What colour will the backside of the fabric graphic be if I order a single sided fabric wall?

The fabric material starts off as a white colour - and we then print onto it in full colour. The front of the fabric sleeve will be printed in full colour (as per your artwork) and the back of the fabric sleeve will remain a white colour.

What is the diameter of the tube frame?

The fabric walls have a strong 32mm diameter tubular aluminium frame.

How do I clean the fabric graphics?

To clean the fabric banner use a mild detergent in warm water with a soft mop or cloth. It is important to note that no solvents or abrasive cleaners should be used on any part of the fabric banner. To avoid the growth of mildew it is important that the fabric banner is completely dry before being packed away. 

Can the fabric walls be used outdoors?

We suggest using the fabric walls indoors only. The fabric walls should not be used outdoors unless you have safely secured it to avoid it being blown over. If your wall comes with feet, the feet could have sand bags tied to them. As we cannot guarantee the walls will stay up in windy conditions even with sand bags applied and/or secured to other supports, we advise against using the walls outdoors. 

I have assembled my wall and the fabric is loose?

Make sure that you have assembled the fabric wall correctly in accordance with our assembly guide and that: 

• All screws are intact and tight

• All poles have been inserted into the correct pole (with the same symbol/number)

• All poles have been clicked into the next pole correctly

• The banner has been zipped up at the bottom 

If you have followed each of the above steps and the fabric is still loose, please contact our faults team on

How do I get wrinkles out of my fabric display?

You can easily and quickly remove wrinkles by using a standard fabric steamer. Alternatively, use an iron on low heat settings with an ironing cloth for added protection. You will also find that once the fabric is stretched over the frame for a period of time, creases start to disappear without the need for ironing.

I have lost one of the poles for my fabric wall, can I order a replacement pole?

Unfortunately we do not sell the replacement parts separately.