Exhibit Central is Ready to Launch!

Over the last 15 years I, Stan Kruss, have worked with clients on thousands of different portable signage requirements, more often than not I was left disappointed with the quality of the products.

So here I am today ready to change any perceptions you have about portables and put them under a new shiny spotlight. It has always been my desire to create a portable signage company that offers high quality products, great service at a competitive price and is mindful of the full lifecycle environmental impact of the products. 

Over the past decade in the exhibition space I have always taken note of great products, visited supplier factories around the world and built relationships with the owners, but until now I never had the time to bring all the pieces together to create a company that I could be proud of. My dedicated team and I are here to change everything you thought you knew about portables!

Since April this year we have tested over 10,000 product samples, designed systems for inventory management and workflow management processes.

. . . . . And now we are ready to go to market!



Exhibit Central will start normal operations in January 2021 where will hold stock and will dispatch products within 5-7 business days. But from today onward, you can purchase our starting range at pre-launch never to be repeated pricing as per the following:

  • Purchases made between 31st October and 19th February will attract between 30-40% discount depending on the product.

Discount pricing is based on the following delivery dates:

  • Print ready artwork received by 18th December will be dispatched from our Rydalmere factory on the 2nd February 2021
  • Print ready artwork received by 19th February 2021 will be dispatched from our Rydalmere factory on the 20th April 2021

If you need to work to a different time frame please let us know and we will try to accommodate – please note additional cost will apply if air freight is required.