How do I install the storage pocket?

Once the vertical support poles have been installed onto the lid, simply slip the storage pocket fabric holes over each support pole, straighten the fabric until it forms a box shape. Make sure the open side is facing upwards, otherwise the storage box will be upside down once the counter is assembled. Please note the storage pocket must be installed before fitting the base to the lid.

How do I access the storage compartment?

There is a zipper located on the back which can be unzipped to allow access to the storage compartment and the storage pocket (if you have chosen to install it).

I have assembled my counter and the fabric is loose?

Ensure the silicone edge is not overstretched when installing the fabric or you will end up with extra fabric that will not press on.

If your fabric has been installed correctly and it is still loose, please contact our support team on

How do I get wrinkles out of my fabric display?

You can easily and quickly remove wrinkles by using a standard fabric steamer. Alternatively, use an iron on low heat settings with an ironing cloth for added protection. You will also find that once the fabric is stretched over the counter for a period of time, creases start to disappear without the need for ironing.

How do I clean the fabric graphics?

To clean the fabric banner use a mild detergent in warm water with a soft mop or cloth. It is important to note that no solvents or abrasive cleaners should be used on any part of the fabric banner. To avoid the growth of mildew it is important that the fabric banner is completely dry before being packed away.