About Us

The Creation of Exhibit Central - Expo Centric is a premium exhibition, event and retail designer and builder. Our clients often also needed standalone display solutions or wanted smaller modular segments of their stand they could re-use again and again. They struggled to find high quality portable displays that would work with and reflect the quality of their existing stand elements…. Exhibit Central was the solution.

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The Exhibit Central Mission

Our mission is to be the place to go to source bespoke display solutions for national rolls outs and bulk display needs. We aim to be the most convenient and easy to use online destination for Australian Companies with large scale display needs. Offering high quality products and holistic display solutions for brand across Australia. 

Our Brand Story

Display systems are always the first and cheapest option to build your marketing arsenal. But standard display systems don’t meet the needs for capturing the attention of highly targeted audiences and don’t allow for integration into previously purchased display systems.

Exhibit Central has entered the Australian market a superior solution to your display problems. We offer premium display products that draw your audience’s attention through innovate design, but most of our product range is modular, allowing users to integrate their products into larger displays crating a seamless professional look.

Our Experience

We have been in the events and exhibition space for over a decade. We have built up a team of talented and skilled staff who know their stuff when it comes to corporate branding and display solutions.

We have won multiple international design awards for custom built displays and have helped over 500 brands achieve marketing success.


Our Products & Shop


Streamlined Modular Design

Our unique modular design means you can reconfigure your portable displays for every use and incorporate them seamlessly into larger exhibition builds or displays. They won’t look like an add-on; they look like they were custom made to fit your space.


Simple & Express Installation

Our products are easy to install – anyone can do it! All our modular portable display products come with numbered joints, video instructions to keep you on the right track (which can also be found on our website) and best of all you don’t need any fancy tools.


Fast Tracked Processes

Our online gateway makes the whole portable display process simple, easy and fun! We are with you every step of the way with detailed information, simple video instructions and easy upload processes.


Our Services


Event Design

We can transform any space into something awe-inspiring! We will turn your event into a destination; the place people want to be. From event conception to event conclusion, form and function are our top priority, ensuring your vision is brought to life.


Bespoke Solution Creation

Display systems don’t have to be ‘standard’. We will help take your brand to the next level with exclusive bespoke display solutions tailored specifically for your display needs; achieve remarkable displays every time.


Project Management

Don’t have time to project manage your next campaign? We are your end-to-end service provider. We deliver full project management for campaigns of any size to ensure your experience is seamless and your project is flawless.


Logistic Management

From design consultation to storage and event management, we are your logistics partner. Management of the supply chain process is crucial to the success of your displays. We will handle your materials handling, inventory, transport and warehousing.


Install & Dismantle

Take the stress out of the install and dismantle process, let us take care of this for you. Our experienced team will ensure your displays are set up on schedule and to the highest quality, then dismantled them vigilantly at the completion of the event.


Bulk Orders

We are the bulk order specialists, offering unparalleled pricing. We can source all your display requirements for large scale displays and national roll outs. We know what you need and have the capacity to provide bulk quantities for even the largest of projects.


Who We've Helped