Lumi Counter FAQ


How do I install the counter top?

Align the locators on the underside of the counter top with the channel in the top of the assembled lightbox. Slide the locators into the channel until one edge of the counter top is flush with the edge of the counter base.

How do I connect the mains power to the lightbox?

There is a hole at the bottom left and right corners of the lightbox through which the DC power plug can be fed through. Simply insert the DC power plug into the power port located next to the hole and switch on the mains power to turn on your lightbox.

How do I disassemble the lightbox?

Hold down the two buttons located at the end of the frame section, whilst holding them down slide the frame out. Repeat for each component until the lightbox is fully disassembled. Ensure every DC power plug has been disconnected from the power ports before starting pack-down.

I have assembled my counter and the fabric is loose?

Ensure the silicone edge is not overstretched when installing the fabric or you will end up with extra fabric that will not press on.

If your fabric has been installed correctly and it is still loose, please contact our support team on

How do I get wrinkles out of my fabric display?

You can easily and quickly remove wrinkles by using a standard fabric steamer. Alternatively, use an iron on low heat settings with an ironing cloth for added protection. You will also find that once the fabric is stretched over the counter for a period of time, creases start to disappear without the need for ironing.

The support poles for my lightbox came in various lengths, did I receive the right parts?

Yes this is correct, the horizontal support poles are shorter than the vertical support poles. Make sure that you have assembled the fabric wall correctly in accordance with our assembly guide and that:

  • All poles have been inserted into the correct pole (with the same symbol/number)
  • All poles have been clicked into the next pole correctly
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